Monthly Archives: July 2008

Garden Railroad

Oshawa Garden Railroad

Metis Weekend Festival

Metis Festival in Oshawa

Violin Maker

This is as story about Ruth Wagner, professional violinist and violin maker based in Bracebridge Ontario and has been making violins since 1960


Oshawa Hidden Gems

Oshawa has a wealth of housing stockand this short video illustrates some of them



Dent Schoolhouse

Dent Schoolhouse is located in Dent, Ohio

It was the best Haunter location in our tour of haunter locations during the Midwest Haunters Convention

Midwest Haunters Convention and Fantasy Show 2008

A promotional podcast/soundslide of the MWH Convention in Columbus Ohio


1947 Funeral Hearse

This is a story on a 1947 Funeral Hearse owned by Oshawa Funeral Services