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Sure Power

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Pineridge Railroader Model Show

Pineridge  Railroader Model Show in Whitby, Ontario

Annual Pineridge Railroader Model Show  is an annual show enjoyed by hundreds of young and old.  Novice and veteran model railroaders swap ideas, admire on the models, buy and sell various model railroader goods


Oshawa Anti-Hate Rally

On Friday November 14th, hundreds of people  rallied in support of Anti-Hate crimes in Oshawa Ontario

Victims of Hate Crime

November 3rd, 2008, a broad daylight attack on 2 gay women who went to pick up their children at school. The so called “man” was arrested and released that same day. Free till court in December. The victims are still battered, bruised and stitched. The children are still frightened. Afraid to go to school. Afraid to go to sleep. Their own personal prison. The healing process is long and slo Anti-Hate Rally/